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박물관 소개

JONG IE NARA Paper Art Museum introduces the excellence
and creativity of Korean paper culture.

The Museum displays Traditional Korean Paper artifacts (Hanji) and contemporary paper artworks.
The museum houses 8,000 paper artifacts to help better understand the history and evolvement of Korean paper culture with the traditional paper artifacts and contemporary paper artworks.

In addition to the Permanent exhibition, we also exhibit award-winning works and outstanding works that are discovered through the annul Korea Paper Culture Art Contest. Through international exchange exhibition, you can examine various artistic expressions and a wide range use of paper through encountering with different cultural backgrounds of paper models.

We feature various JONG IE JUPGI and paper culture art experience programs according to age and subject and can be experienced as an individual and a group through the reservation application.

박물관 상세 소개

  • 상설 전시 참고 사진
    Permanent Exhibition

    The exhibition shows the development of the paper culture which is essential in life history of Koreans and it continues to this day.
    From paper artifacts dated the 2~7th centuries to paper works ranging from the contemporary art area are exhibited to feature the history, excellence, and a wide range use of Korean paper.

  • 상설 전시 참고 사진
    Special Exhibition

    You can enjoy the creative artistic works of paper culture and arts through various and infinite paper works and creative works of domestic and foreign paper design artists. We also exhibit the award-winning art works from the annual Korea Paper Culture Art Contest which show the modern interpretation of Korean paper culture.