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Let’s make a beautiful world together!

종이나라 제품 사진

Since 1972, we have been preserving and developing the legacy of the world’s finest color paper manufacturing along with our mission. JONG IE NARA invented unique color paper manufacturing automation system for the first time in Korea and led the color paper manufacturing standard by developing color paper printed with water-soluble ink for the safety of children and customers.

For the revival of Korean paper folding and paper culture, we established JONG IE NARA publishing, in 1988, to promote them to all over the world. Since, we developed materials that combine educational and therapeutic effects to paper folding, which was regarded only as a hobby and leisure activity.
In 1989, we established the KOREA JONGIE JUPGI ASSOCIATION, which actively promoted company’s social responsibility and led the heyday of Korean paper folding (JONGIE JUPGI) and paper culture in the 1990s. Furthermore, PAPER CULTURE FOUNDATION and JONG IE NARA PAPER ART MUSEUM have been established to cultivate professional instructors and promote Korean paper culture and art industry.
More than 300,000 instructors have completed the life-long education institute of PAPER CULTURE FOUNDATION, and they are leading the creation of a new Korean Wave by promoting Korea’s excellent papepr folding (JONG IE JUPGI) around the world.

In 1998, JONG IE NARA opened JONG IE NARA PAPER ART MUSEUM in Seoul. We collect and display the Korean traditional paper art pieces relics, and hold the Korea Paper Culture Art Contest to discover excellent works from all over the world and to support artists. JONG IE NARA MUSEUM provides Hanji, a Korean traditional paper, making class and other classes about Korean paper culture and crafts.
In 2016, we opened JONG IE NARA PLAYGROUND and JONG IE NARA STORE where you can make and buy your own JONG IE NARA products for offering better service and experience thus improving customer satisfaction.

In addition to color papers, JONG IE NARA has made efforts to develop the finest products related to paper folding, crafting, and creativity education. We developed the adhesive brand 'Nara Glue', the new concept adhesive tape 'Simpul', and Vivid airdry clay 'Clay nara'. As a result, we have succeeded in expanding manufacturing capabilities, and exporting of stationeries and educational textbooks to more than 70 countries around the world.

JONG IE NARA will research and develop educational, therapeutic, and artistic effects for various plays and activities that bring up creativity and humanity. We will reposition ourselves as a new educational culture and art creation company that delivers dreams and hopes to all the people over the world.
Thank you.

About CI

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CI 컬러코드

The pinwheel of JONG IE NARA CI shows progressive growth and development like a windpipe that moves forward while creating winds.
Red, yellow, blue, white, and black are Korean traditional five colors, representing Korean culture and reputation of JONG IE NARA, which is the leader of creating a beautiful world.