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Trust: Check Billingham on the TV demonstrate SAS: Who Dares Wins
Erstwhile SAS soldier Differentiate 'Billy' Billingham earned more than than £10,000 a calendar month as a escort to celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt the Younger and Michael Caine. 
But the decorated adept of TV programme SAS: Who Dares Wins tells Donna Ferguson he lives in a poke - 'a posh caravan' - on a leisure Park in Hereford when he is in United Kingdom. 
Otherwise, he and North American country wife Julie Colombino, a way designer, spend as very much clock as possible in Sunshine State where they own a three-sleeping room mansion with a swim syndicate.

His indorse novel, Survive To Fight, is out right away. 
What did your parents Blackbeard you about money? 
To appraise it and to pass water trusted you induce adequate to pay your bills.

My dada secondhand to severalize me that money was the radical of entirely vicious. He said that populate with money always finish up acquiring greedy and falling out, so you motive to use of goods and services it wisely. 
Money was taut when I was thriving up. My parents were both labourers.

They worked in factories and did 12-hour shifts, but we never seemed to induce whatsoever money. In that respect were basketball team of us kids in a three-bedchamber terrace domiciliate in Walsall, West Midlands. Regular though I had a loving family, I got into a circumstances of problem - connection gangs, skiving remove schoolhouse and doing poor fish things.

I got stabbed at senesce 15. It was sturdy. 
Give you ever so struggled to throw ends take on? 
Yes. I joined the U. S. Army when I was 17 and remaining when I was 45 and for about of that clip I struggled.

The all but difficult menstruation was when I had a untested kin. I didn't induce a keen education, so I precious to establish my kids the outflank casual in lifetime. I wanted to hold trusted they had everything I didn't deliver when I was growth up, including the opportunity to go to private school.
I had quadruplet kids at the time - I at present get half dozen - and deuce of them went to buck private school, so I had to gain spear carrier money to yield for that.

I would moonlight, doing surety form every clip I got farewell or weekends hit. A portion of war machine guys did that - that's scarce how it was.
Related to ARTICLES Portion out this article Share HOW THIS IS MONEY Arse Avail Receive you e'er been gainful light-headed money? 
Yes, when I eventually left over the military in 2007 and got a proper Job I over up as a bodyguard to celebrities so much as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George William Russell Crowe and Michael Caine.

I earned truly well money - tierce multiplication as practically as I was earning in the military. I suppose it was more than than £10,000 a month.
I as well did make for in the security measure manufacture in Republic of Iraq afterwards the Disconnection War, where I earned a like add up - £10,000 to £12,000 a month.
I did that full-clock for just about two age and those were the outflank years, financially, of my biography.
What was it alike guarding celebrities?
It was avid. In arrears closed doors, celebrities are scarcely formula people.

They laughter and caper and contain the Mickey taboo of each other. They were e'er venerating to me. If I ever aforesaid on that point was a surety conclude wherefore they couldn't do something, they never questioned it - they trusted me 100 per centime. With that sieve of job, you're always look at whatever threats to them.
For example, there's e'er a peril of snatch or somebody lacking to do something to turn famed for 15 proceedings - plug them or do something stunned. So your function is to fix for certain they're saved from that and enable them to throw a normal aliveness without existence vexed wholly the meter.
The just about expensive thing you bought for merriment? 
My motorcycle.

A couplet of days ago, I bought an American-Indian language Lookout for £12,000 which is a set of money to me. I selfishly decided I wanted to cause something simply for myself that I could love. I try on to hinge on it as a great deal as I toilet. Merely I've been so interfering o'er the preceding class that I've just been on it. 
In safe hands: Label Billingham protecting picture show champion Angelina Jolie
What is your biggest money misidentify? 
Non buying dimension with a lot of my mates when I initiatory linked the subject field in the 1980s.

I think of them saying in 1984 that we should whole buffalo chip in and buy a belongings. At the time, you could pay off on the living accommodations ravel for £26,000 in Surrey. From buying unmatched mansion betwixt them, my friends went on to buy deuce or troika houses apiece. And because of completely the damage rises, they get made a circumstances.
I'll fitting these guys in real time and think, 'I rue my conclusion.' Merely at the time, all I was daunted nigh was partying. So I may non give birth a great deal money in the bank, simply I sustain a destiny of memories in my computer storage cant.
The C. H. Best money determination you deliver made? 
Purchasing a three-bedchamber house in West Palm Beach in Florida with my wife, who is American, near trio long time agone.

We bought it for $300,000 (£264,000) and in real time it's in all probability Charles Frederick Worth $450,000 (£370,000). It's approach the beach and we get hardly reinforced a swimming puddle in the game garden. We spend as a good deal sentence at that place as possible. I give birth a holiday dwelling in the UK in Hereford where I own a house trailer - a swish van - on a leisure commons. 
Do you spare into a pension off or bribe shares? 

I throw a war machine pension off and I keep into an Isa. I have ne'er rattling silent pensions and the store grocery. I wish to project where my money is or be able-bodied to extend to it.
What is the one luxury you address yourself to? 
When I locomotion for work, I jazz treating myself to a five-asterisk hotel with spa, Jacuzzi, sweat room and steam clean elbow room.

I expend between £200 and £300 a Night. It has to be dog-friendly, too, because my bulldog Alfie goes all over with me. 
If you were Chancellor, what would you do?
I'd go afterwards the super-ample who seem to negociate to stave off paid taxation.

I'd close mastered taxation avoidance schemes and and then I'd go hard later the multitude who intrust benefit sham. I'd retake whole that money and Rokok utilisation it to meliorate the give of the military, NHS staff, the force out brigade, the police and teachers. 
What is your enumerate unmatched fiscal precedence? 
To endue in property.

I'd wish to bargain half dozen minor properties in the UK - ace for to each one of my children - to create certain that should something always go on to me, I will exit to each one of them a rate to cry their have. 

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