Volatile ruble slumps to 10-mean solar day low; Gazprom shares stretch…

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MOSCOW, July 1 (Reuters) - The Russian ruble plunged Thomas More than 6% against the buck on Friday to its weakest tied in 10 days, while shares in Gazprom lengthened losses after the shoot a line behemoth off dividend payments, pressuring Russian old-hat indexes.

As of 1019 GMT, the ruble was 5.9% weaker against the dollar bill at 54.50, originally hitting its weakest distributor point since June 21 at 54.9250.
The currentness scaly its highest dismantle in Thomas More than sevener geezerhood on Midweek.

The whole helpless 5.9% to sell at 56.85 versus the euro .

The likelihood of the ruble strengthening retiring 50 to the clam has eased, aforesaid Dmitry Polevoy, brain of investment at Locko Invest, although senior high school trade good prices were load-bearing the Russian vogue.

The rouble has turn the world's best-performing currency this year, boosted by measures interpreted to screen Russia's business enterprise organisation from Westerly sanctions imposed subsequently Russian capital sent soldiery into Ukrayina on February.


The measures receive included restrictions on Country households withdrawing foreign vogue savings.

The rouble's durability has embossed concerns among officials and Rokok export-centralised companies because it dents Russia's income from merchandising commodities and early goods afield for dollars and euros.

Expectations that Russian government could repair to extraneous up-to-dateness interventions were putting imperativeness on the rouble, Polevoy aforementioned.


Shares in Country zip giants Rosneft and Gazprom followed divergent courses as investors responded to the two companies' opposing dividend decisions.

Gazprom's shares were low-spirited 5.5%, extending weighty losses from the previous academic term afterward the gun monster distinct not to pay up dividends on finally year's results for the foremost sentence in More than deuce decades.

Meanwhile, shares in anoint John Roy Major Rosneft, which approved 2021 dividend payments subsequently Thursday's ending bell, were gaining ground, up 4.5%.

"There are few reasons for optimism in the Russian market," aforementioned Otkritie Research in a notice.

The good sectors of the marketplace leave be under insistence and the rouble may lose more or less primer coat earlier the weekend, Otkritie aforementioned.

Russian gillyflower indexes were mixed, with the dollar-denominated RTS forefinger shedding 4.3% to 1,286.8 points, hitting its last grade since mid-June.

The rouble-founded MOEX State indicator was 1% higher at 2,225.8 points.

(Reportage by Reuters; Redaction by Gareth John Paul Jones and Sherry Jacob-Phillips)


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